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Q. How long do preserved flowers last for?

A. It depends on the variety but a very long time if cared for in the right way.

Hydrangea 15+ Years

Rice Flower 15+ Years

Phylica 20+ years

Q. Can I buy bulk preserves for a wedding/event?

A. Yes of course. Just get in contact and we can pre-order the variety (provided they are in season), colour and quantities that you require for you special day.

Q. Do you offer custom colour orders?

A. Yes, we most certainly do. We have a large portfolio of amazing colours. We are happy to complete custom colours for bulk order or we will include your colour preference in future seasons.

Q. Is the preservation process and products used sustainable/environmentally friendly?

A. Yes, we use plant-based colourants and materials to preserve our flowers.

We also love that preserving allows people to enjoy real living blooms for a lot longer in their home. As much as our grower loves the creative side of preserving, he has also highlighted how much it has minimised waste especially throughout recent challenges.

Q. Where are your flowers grown?

A. Our blooms are grown in the Bay of Plenty at a beautiful coastal flower farm. The same grower then preserves them. Just another example of reducing waste as no transport is needed.

Q. Who sends the flowers?

A. Our flowers are sent form the grower, direct from source.

Q. What sort of care do preserved flowers need?

A. Our preserves are actually quite easy to care for and will last a very long time if you follow some simple steps. Please refer to our HOMECARE page for further information.

Q. Why do you have such limited runs?

A. We work on mother nature’s terms and only preserve what is available and grown on the flower farm. We are all about quality over quantity.

Q. How often do you ship orders?

We ship on a Wednesday each week. If you require your order urgently, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to accommodate.